Last night’s dinner

Just over a month ago, my friend Katie and I went on an adventure to Altrincham Market.

One of the stands we came across wasΒ Bounceback Food. We had no intention of buying anything, but left with three bars of homemade soap, a packet of lentils and a packet of pasta!


We got talking to the guy behind the stand, and after learning a bit about Bounceback Food, learnt that their whole system is based on a ‘buy one, donate one’ policy. Regardless of what object you bought, the exact same thing would be donated back to the nearest local food bank.

As previously mentioned in my last blog post, I was completely taken by this concept. I sometimes find that I will save up an amount of items to donate, but take forever to get it where it needs to go. With Bounceback Food, you don’t have to do anything except for buy what you want, and the rest is done for you.

Their alty market stand – they also run cooking courses…

They have a vast array of items to choose from, mostly healthy alternatives, and are not badly priced either.

Follow their story on Instagram or Twitter or visit their homepage to find out more.

The Recipe.

So, what did I make with my Fussili Wholewheat pasta from bounce back foods?

I don’t often eat pasta, personal choice, I’m not an overly huge fan, but I decided to be adventurous with this one. I am really loving beetroot at this moment in time and one of the pizza’s at work has goats cheese on it, which has surprisingly become a favourite of mine.

So I mixed the two together in my head added some pasta and voila.

What you will need :

  • Fresh beetroot
  • The vinegar/beetroot juice from Jarred beetroot
  • Goats cheese
  • Fresh cream
  • Fusilli pasta
  • Olive oil
  • Salt & pepper
  • Basil (optional)
  • Pine-nuts (optional)

Right, so a few little side notes-

1) I AM NOT A CHEF. I like to think of myself as an experimenter de la cuisine. I rarely use measurements in the kitchen unless I’m following a specific recipe. As this concoction was totally my own, I added everything to taste, so if you’re going to make it, be creative and follow your creative juices (and tastebuds).

2) IT’S PINK, GET OVER IT. No, not the famous, short blonde haired singer, the final outcome. It’s pink. Any human with even an ounce of an artistic flow will know red and white makes pink. I know it doesn’t look the most appetising, trust me, I wasn’t so overly enthused with its aesthetic look it at first, but the taste is totally worth getting over eating a strange coloured food!

What to do:

  1. Put the pasta on to boil. I usually add a little salt and olive oil to give it a dreamy Italian taste!
  2. Get your fresh beetroot (I used two and a half) and blend it together with a splash of the jarred beetroot’s vinegar. You want it to be more runny than not.
  3. Pour the cream into a large pan and start to let simmer. After a few minutes add some goats cheese in to melt into it. I know these are the most vague instructions ever – please bear in mind I’m not a food blogger, but if it helps, I put about a quarter of my goats cheese slab in, totally up to you!
  4. Add some salt and pepper.
  5. Once the cream starts to get a bit more of a thicker consistency, pour in your beetroot and stir. Don’t forget your camera at this stage for the colour explosion is magical!
  6. Keep stirring, and by this stage your pasta should be just about ready. Pour the pasta in and stir it all together.
  7. Serve it up with extra pieces of beetroot, extra goats cheese, basil leaves and/or some pine nuts!

This was an extremely fun meal to make, super easy and creative and it tasted amazing! My housemate, Liv, can most definitely vouch for this!

I understand these weren’t the most intricate instructions to follow, so just pop me a message if you need any advice!

Enjoy and let me know how it goes,

Denty x


It happens to everyone, right?

I’m sat on the train having a slight giggle to myself.

If only the handful of passengers who are actually aboard could see underneath my coat at the mess that I am – that being my breakfast-stained lilac jumper which I “borrowed” from my grans drawer only to cover my mum’s oversized, baggy, white turtle-necked jersey and my aunts jeans, which are staying up due the fact that I have rolled them over about ten times πŸ˜‚

Funny story, but after missing my first train on Wednesday, because of the “Beast from the East”, I ran out of clothes. I only packed one pair of jeans, two tops, a few socks and pants and and a jumper because I didn’t think I would be getting too dirty, but copious amounts of puppy slobber mixed with the remnants of snow angels and muddy water had me left with only my pyjamas.

I decided earlier on this morning to put (all of) the small amount of clothing I had into and express twenty minute wash so it would be done and dusted and dried before I had to catch a train, if I could actually catch one.

Wednesdays predictions had most of the trains cancelled for the day and I thought I would have to stay another night at my aunts, which I wasn’t too opposed to, despite having to cancel work and theatre reviews and uni lectures, but I needed to be prepared regardless.

Twenty minutes came and went.

I went on over to the washing machine to find flashing lights and an “F05” error sign flickering repeatedly. So I obviously pressed restart, made a fresh cup of tea and went back to the lounge to carry on watching the news. Another twenty minutes in my books wasn’t going to harm anything.

Twenty minutes later, the same thing happened. Slightly panicked, my aunt came to the rescue, and I was glad to see she had the same thought process and pressed restart.

She then realised that the machine wasn’t draining because all the piping outside had frozen solid, more than my 21-year old brain would have ever put it down to.

That being said, we tried to defrost the pipes by pouring water on them and then started sending sinks full of boiling hot water down the drains themselves to warm up the insides. But this caused the downstairs shower drain to start to flood. (🧐)

We decided that if we ventured upstairs to the bath and tried running hot water from there that maybe the suction and pressure of water from there would cause the water in the shower to stop flooding and go back down instead of coming up.

Let’s just say we are no plumbers at all and this was a disaster.

I stayed downstairs to observe and as the bath started to run upstairs, my aunt and I both started shouting through the house to confirm our positions.

The shower started to drain, slowly, but surely – success. However, the water levels in the kitchen sink started to rise at an extremely alarming rate. I screamed up to my aunt to stop running the bath, all the while running around like a headless chicken trying to find a pot or pan or dish or bowl to try start to drain the now-touching-the-countertop overflowing water.

Catch 22 indeed, shower goes down kitchen sink goes up, but my aunt made it down in good speed and the both of us, armed with empty milk bottles (where these came from I have no idea) started emptying the overflowing sink!

We stood back when it was all done, new cups of tea in hand, and looked at the washing machine, still filled with my clothes and water, and both just chuckled at what ‘country bumpkins’ we both are.

Crazy morning. Crazy crazy morning, and only at the very last minute, after a bite to eat, did we decide that I was going to dare to take the next train and within a very quick few minutes, I was all packed and dressed (in my families spare clothes) and ready to go!

Glad to report though, I’m one stop away from Manchester, having braved the trip up from Rochester with invalid tickets (and pocket full of luck!) My clothes, as far as I know, are still swimming in a mix of water, Daz and Comfort Softener, but, I come away with yet another glorious memory with my special Aunty.

Hope your day was as fun, adrenaline filled and heart-warming as mine?

All my love,

Denty x

“A restless, paranoid void”

This past week has been horrid.


Because I have been man down with a terrible cold which not only affected my throat and chest, but, as per usual whenever I get sick, my sinuses too. For those of you who suffer with or have ever suffered from a sinus infection, you will know the absolute painstaking and death defying struggle.

Olbus oil. Hot water with lemon and honey. Tea. Vapour rub. Tissues. Tea. Sniffing olbus infused steam. Sleep. More tea.

We all know it’s no fun being sick. The hardest thing for me though, was being indoors, and being in bed. It has made me absolutely miserable, uninspired, pessimistic and just downright ugly in my thoughts and at heart.

Claustrophobia set in. Not being able to get up and walk around or go to gym drove me crazy. Little voices started to play over and over in my mind about what a lazy slob I was being and how all my previous work was going down the drain and I’d have to start from the beginning, nice and slowly, all over again.

The mere act of getting out of bed to make a cup of tea had my sinuses falling to the ground like two anchors being thrown over the side of the boat, so it was just a no-go situation.

I was trying my hardest to get through uni work, stressed for what was due in, stressed about how much time I have for other upcoming projects, and ended up doing an awful job of them because of how fuzzy my head and thoughts were.

It was just a never ending vicious circle which left me being a restless, paranoid void in a humans body.

As well as this, I’ve just been so uninspired with my writing, instagram and creativity of late. It was mainly because of something someone said to me, and it has thrown me off track quite a bit. Not only have a become claustrophobic of my room and flat and city, but within my writing, expression and social media space too.

Any inspiration you can send my way would be greatly appreciated.

However, the positive being that I try to be had me up at 6:30am this morning for a gym class. I’m still not 100% well, but I had to do it to kickstart my life again.

A new week and a new me. I’m taking a small trip down to Kent this evening after uni, and I’m hoping that some fresh countryside air and a bit of TLC will make everything right, even if it is only a little while. (and no Aunty Isla, I will not be missing this because of some weather warnings, I NEED YOU <3)

Another day in the life of Denty huh?

I try so hard to tell others that it’s okay to feel down and miserable, you’re allowed to have bad days, and those will only make the good days even better – but it’s hard to take a sip of your own medicine at times.

All my love guys,

Denty x



Not too sure how this one will turn out, but I have just wanted to share these beautiful photos I took over the past few months of the glorious city that I fall more and more in love with each day.

A sort of photo series that I want to try keep up instead of only posting them to instagram, I always feel that so many photos get neglected there, so here we go. All photos are my own.


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Valentines Day, Shmalentines Day.

The 14th of February is a date that so many girls and boys despise and dread, especially the single ones.

And forgive me for putting yet anotherΒ anti-valentines piece onto the social universe, because I alone have listened to about four podcasts today all talking about why valentines, galantines and how single is the way to go.

I’m not so sure about it all though. I’m a firm believer in love, (love makes the world go round right) and I’m even going to claim that deep deep down I’m somewhat a romantic who can’t wait for her fairytale ending with some gorgeous prince charming who provides all the tea, books and top banter (and does the cooking and cleaning and makes the money πŸ˜‰ Come out come out wherever you are?).

But why do we have to have a full on day to celebrate that we love someone? Surely an act of love or affection for someone should be a constant? Why do we let this world and this cruel society declare that a heart shaped chocolate wrapped in red and silver tin foil at an extortionate price be the proof of our feelings for someone else?

I can fully understand the immediate reaction of many people who think that this is just dribble spilling out of some lonely, single girls mouth, and yes, I am a single pringle and proud of it, but I’ve spoken to at least five different people, all the same age group as me, all in relationships who actually agree with me.

It’s a mere extortionate, commercial event, and the only “love” that’s spread is love for the capital being put into the top-dog’s pockets.

I sound like the grinch at Christmas.

I’m not.

Goodness, someone give me a bunch flowers and a heart shaped balloon and I would probably accept your hand in marriage then and there.

I’m such a softy.

I just don’t feel that “love” should be pressured this way, nor do I feel that it’s okay for society to dictate the price tag on it. It’s so lovely to see couples that do enjoy it and indulge in it, and it can be a lovely surprise and reminder of someones value in somebody else’s life.

However, I’m more sold on reaching out to all the love that goes into this specific day and spreading it to the other 364 days in the year. We all know this world could use a bit extra of it, not to mention where all the money that it makes could go.

In the meanwhile, I’ll be celebrating my independent by taking a deliciously comforting eucalyptus leaf and honey bath.

What are your thoughts on Valentines day?

Denty x

Day trip to Altrincham

What a day, what a day, what a day.

I came home to tell my housemate Liv about the adventures had during my day out with Katie. It just so happened the most beautiful sunset was falling behind the buildings outside of my window, illuminating the sky with the deepest oranges, luminous yellows and baby soft pinks.

I told her how beautiful this world we live in is. I told her how lucky we are to have what we have. I told her how spectacular the day was and how deep and enriching the trip to Alty market was.

She told me how lovely it was to hear someone say something so positive about the world that surrounds us, because usually people only have negative comments.


That one stung.


But so very true. People in this day and age tend to take things for granted. We are so busy focusing on the negatives and how to correct them, that we tend to lose sight of just how glorious this world can be.

Alty market.

Katie (my absolutely wonderful blogger twin soul sista) and I had planned to go to Alty Market in Altrincham a few days ago. Unfortunately darling Eff couldn’t join us, but regardless, we jumped on a tram and went into this unknown place, having only heard good things about this food and flower market.


And what a fabulous and enriching place it is!

We arrived, cameras in hand, glad to be under some shelter of the constant, but light, snow fall outside, and began to explore the ‘outer’ stalls.

Fresh fruit and veg adorned the table to our left (and not at extortionate supermarket prices either) while the fishmonger occupied our right. There was a fresh bread stall a bit further up with a multitude of choice alongside an old man selling a range of dairy products, eggs and jams. Vintage stalls displayed quirky refurbished pieces of furniture while hand spun ceramic dishes were shown at another.


There was jewelry, and clothing, and cutlery that was upcycled into different uses, there were stalls with only the four legged ‘mans best friend’s items for sale, there were flowers and interior decorations, baby’s clothes and glass ornaments on offer. The list is endless. So many beautifully created and wonderful treats were hidden around.

Even better than the actual goods at the stalls themselves though, were the people behind them.


Katie and I were treated like old friends with many of the people we bumped into. Everyone was chatty and told us a bit about them, or in turn, asked us a bit about us.

The one stall, Bounceback food, on finding out that we were bloggers, introduced us to his brand and company. He told us about the ‘buy one, donate one’ scheme, whereby, for every item that someone buys they donate the exact same item back to the nearest charity.

They also run cookery courses which teach you how to make amazing international recipes on a ‘eat well for less’ basis.

I was really sold on their whole concept and think that its such a brilliant way of helping someone else out. I find, especially when it comes to donating food, that my intention is there and I wouldn’t hesitate doing it, but following through on the delivering of the food to a food bank or charity can often be a snag. This way of buying and donating is super easy and super helpful! There is literally no point in avoiding it? – affordable, reliable and you’re helping out a good cause.

After a long walk around, we decided to go indoors into the old listed building to grab a bite to eat. The overwhelming amount of choice that surrounded us had us both drooling in every direction. Pizza, pies, sandwiches, pastries, cakes, chocolate, aghhh food food food and all in there own little areas known as a ‘windows’.

We ended up choosing the most delicious garlic, basil and cheese sourdough based pizza from the Honest Crust Sourdough Pizza ‘window’ and it was gone within seconds! We avoided the dessert however, partly saving ourselves for next time and partly because we were meeting Eff back in the city centre for coffee and knew our stomachs would outweigh the final decision at a sweet tooth offer there.


Our final walk took us back to the trinkets our hearts desired and to the fresh fruit and veg stand before heading back into town. And on buying our goodies, I’m so glad to report that Alty Market ticked a very big box in my books with some of there stalls offering paper bags and plastic-friendly packaging for their goods. The one stall gave me a used sari which had been stitched into a small carrier bag instead of a plastic bag!!Β It had been made in and bought back from India. Many of the produce around was organic, homemade and environmentally friendly, and this, to me, is a very big stand we should all be conscious about.

Alty Market was an absolute pleasure and I left with my heart beaming with happiness! I will definitely be back!

Side note on all of this – I started watching a few more episodes of the Crown this past weekend. I do love it so very much, wonderful (and educational) series on the Royal Family. I learnt all about ‘Lord Altrincham’ and his role in the monarchy and I found it so ironic that I go to visit a place named after him after recently watching and learning all about him?

Coincidence? I think not. LIFE. It has weird and wonderful ways of sewing things together.

All my love guys,

Denty x



Wait, what? January is over?

I’ve been thinking for a while.

Whenever I take a long period of time off of posting pictures to Instagram, I always apologise.

But for whom and why?

I haven’t posted on here since before Christmas, and now its February and I’m wondering where this pinch of time has gone.

However, I’m not going to apologise for being absent.

  1. This is my blog. I am accountable to no one for it, it’s my platform of expression and I don’t need to apologise to anyone for not being present.
  2. Writing in here is my hobby and not a full time job that I need to keep up. Its enjoyable for ME and I won’t let the pressure of social media get to me.

January has actually been fab so far. I started off the month with a lack of wifi which gave me the social media break I needed, and I have just felt so inspired by so many different people, places and things, and the ideas and plans I have for the next months have got me indescribabley excited – stay tuned to see the big reveals ;).

I have also been writing a lot more lists than I usually do. I have a series of ‘orange books’. I get a new one every year and they kind of hold all my hopes, dreams, thoughts and lists. They are just notebooks with orange covers really, but what is inside of them could either make or break me!

Lists upon lists upon lists. Lists on everything, from shopping lists to bucket lists, from dream items-for-my-house lists to restaurants I’ve eaten at, from new years resolutions to plans for a day out. You name it, its got it.

As well as this, and my new years resolutions, which I like to stick to, I have also continued doing a ‘Monthly Motivation’ list.

Inspired by Lee Tilghman (leefromamerica on instagram – yes I give you permission to quickly go follow her and come back to finish reading) from her posts about her monthly motivations, I decided to try do it last September.

I am a big believer in New Years resolutions for some reason, I love the change, and believe it or not, have made some very big life changing decisions through them, for example giving up Coca Cola for the one year and becoming a vegetarian the next (okay that one was slightly altered to white meat only). But I love pushing myself and knowing that if I set my mind to it, I CAN DO IT !

But there is something different in doing these monthly motivations. A smaller length of time, and maybe some not so life changing goals to go by. Β I usually stick to about seven or eight different little goals each month. I doodle them all on a piece of paper surrounded with little drawings and cartoons and put it up on my door so I can see it each day on my way out.

Examples of this months motivations are :

  • Work. Work. Work. Study hard and keep up to date.
  • Finish your book and start Nellie Bly – books open doors.
  • Get into a good gym routine in the mornings before uni.
  • Drink more water.
  • Listen to people more.

They may be things you do all the year round, the things that make you up as a person, and lets be real, none of us are perfect, we all have flaws and all get super busy with life, and sometimes its good to have little reminders to lift you up on the things you think you are slacking on, or just to push you a little further forward with larger goals in mind.

Whatever the reason, they really work for me, and could potentially help someone else out.

I hope you have all had a lovely first month of what is going to be a travel filled, adventurous and exciting year.

All my love,

Denty x


The White House and Christmas πŸŽ„πŸŒŸπŸŒ²πŸŽ…πŸΌπŸŽ„πŸŒŸπŸŒ²

I’m finally in Scotland and what a wait it has been!

The term is over, I’ve taken time off work and managed to move house and all the energy I had has gone…..

My aunt ever so kindly picked me up from Manchester on the way up to my grans in Scotland. She was caught in a terrible traffic-jam so took a bit longer than expected, but it suited me fine because I managed to fit in a hot yoga session and pick up a few last minute presents for my gran and cousin, Tom.

I should have tried to do some more unpacking, but this just became too stressful to be doing at the time, so unfortunately I have a partially messy room and quite a bit of unpacking to get back to.

Oh well – the wonderful feeling of relief that warmed my bones when I saw my aunt and gave her a hug makes up for that one.

And once we hit the road, after the dreadful Manchester four o’clock traffic, our inner teenagers took over and we didn’t stop chattering and catching up until we reached my grans house three and a bit hours later. I hadn’t realised just how much I had missed her.

My gran was so wonderful, as per usual. She has this ‘tradition’, as such, that every time we drive up to visit she buys us our bread and milk and some cereal etc for the next morning so that we at least have some food in the house we are staying in before we get to the shops the next day. It goes along with the whole ‘grannies like to feed’ notion, and I love it, she always sticks a few treats in with it, and all the food stuff she no longer wants. πŸ˜‚

I have an extremely soft spot for her, she is wonderful beyond compare. I was extremely jealous though, she has EIGHTEEN Christmas cards hung up around her lounge! Eighteen for goodness sake. I counted myself lucky for having received three so far and she has six times as many (also slightly embarrassed that I compete with my gran over Christmas cards). But it’s so lovely to be with her regardless.

We are staying in this wonderful little house, The White House, just off of the high street about five minutes from my grans house. We stay here quite often when we come for a long time because my grans house has enough space for her and her alone. There’s no ways that my uncle, aunt, cousin, other nan, myself and the the dog could fit in there!

The White House

The White House is kind of a home away from a home away from a home (I actually have so many different places I call home) and it brings back many a memory! The last time we stayed here was when my mum and dad were visiting. How my little hearts aches when I think that I’m not spending this Christmas with them, but there’s a little more solace knowing we were all here together not so long ago.

Scotland is just so great, there’s something in the air that brings such peace and quiet and I can’t wait to go for a run ad clear my mind of this long year in the Dalbeattie forest just down the road. Really is the break away from life that I’ve been in need of. Even better is that there is no WiFi signal here and barely any network for my 3G, so digital detox, here I come.

AND ITS CHRISTMAS TIME πŸŽ„ my presents are all wrapped and ready to go, and all that’s left is dressing the tree again….

I wish you all such a Merry Christmas. I hope you treasure the day with family and friends and remember it isn’t about the commercialised gifts you give and receive, but about the time spent with loved ones. It’s a time to reminisce and realise just how lucky you are to have what you have and to enjoy each others company.

I’ll catch up with you soon,

Denty x

My life in boxes….. (And plastic bags)

It is the first official day of holidays and I’m sat in my room having just finished boxing up my room.

The big move is finally upon us, and Pip, Liv and I are just waiting on one final form to be signed and then we can go collect the keys to our new apartment and start moving all of this stuff!

Basically what my life amounts to right now.

I really do not envy people who move house, yet alone apartments and rooms. Us three haven’t even started the transporting stage and its already a nightmare!

Please note what a grey day it is!

Alas, the place we are moving into is gorgeous. So much natural light, so much more space, a bathtub and its ours and it will be worth it despite our sore wallets. (pictures to come shortly)

I’m still on the lookout for someone to take over my old contract for my student accommodation – hint hint if you know of anyone! I’ve taken such a huge gamble in signing and moving into a new place without having someone to take over my old, but it was a risk I had to take.

I keep having stressful days worrying over it and panicking, but there isn’t much I can do. What has happened has happened. I can only remind myself to be as positive as possible, keep calm, and know that in good time, patience will prevail.

Fingers crossed. What will be will be.

I’m off to go start moving, but will continue writing and keeping you all up to date with the move.

Denty x

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